XIV Summer School of Economic 2011

On 18 July 2011, was the first day of this year’s Summer School of Economics. The School was officially opened by Prof. Dejan Erić, director of the Institute of Economic Sciences. He gave a brief introduction of the Institute and its activities, and welcomed the students, wishing that during the course of the Summer School they would become richer in knowledge and new friends.

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XIV Summer School of Economics

18-22 July, 2011

The opening ceremony was also visited by the representatives of the National Bank of Serbia, the Embassy of the USA, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Mr. Radovan Jelašić, CEO and Chairperson of Erste Bank Hungary, and former Governer of the National Bank of Serbia, gave an introductory speech. He talked about the lessons that can be learned from the financial crises in Southeast Europe, with special emphasis on problems that Serbia had to deal with.

The second lecturer was Mr. John Fund, columnist of the Wall Street Journal. He gave two lectures today, talking about the principles of the free trade, and about secrets of economically successful European countries that are not EU members.

Mr. Kristian Vukojičić, deputy general manager of the Voluntary pension funds supervision unit of the National Bank of Serbia, held the last lecture today. He introduced the concept of the voluntary pension funds to the students, and gave an overview of the current situation and future prospects of the private pension funds in Serbia and the region.

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