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IES – INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES (founded in 1958) is a non-profit academic think-tank institution, owned by Republic of Serbia with significant researches and analyses in various fields of economic sciences.
IES field of activities is very broad, starting from macroeconomic studies elaboration, projections, forecasting, to international economic relation analysis, world economic and trade surveys, studies and strategies on economic, regional, and sustainable development, sector economic policies, as well as a large number of projects for economic subjects in almost all economic fields. Another IES orientation encompasses the consulting, knowledge innovation, continual training and education in the fields of current business economy, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, finances, etc.
IES cooperates with great number of private companies, government, non-government, national and international institutions and organizations.
All employees and associates (scientific institutions researchers, consultants and counsellors) are always ready to share with you the professional experiences, knowledge and information, acquired at the Institute, national, regional and global environment;



IES directors


branko horvat     zarko mrkusic     zpopov     zvonimir marovic
Branko Horvat, PhD
1958 - December 1973
  Žarko Mrkušić, PhD
December 1973 - March 1976
  Zoran Popov, PhD
March 1976 - June 1981
  Zvonimir Marović, PhD
June 1981 - January 1985.
July 1985 - January 1986
mihael dlesk   caslav ocic   tomislav popovic    vojislav bajic
Mihael Dleks, PhD
July 1986 - December 1988
  Časlav Ocić, MSc
December 1988 - March 1989
  Tomislav Popović, PhD
March 1989 - August 1999
  Dr Vojislav Bajić
August 1999 - March 2001
mile jovic   bozo draskovic   dejan eric   jovan zubovic
Mile Jović, PhD
March 2001 - March 2004
  Božo Drašković, PhD
March 2004 - September 2006
  Dejan Erić, PhD
September 2006 - February 2015
  Jovan Zubović, PhD
February 2015 -


Chronology of important events on the occasion of 57th anniversary of the IES

  • Department for Economic Research and Methodology Planning within Federal Institute for Economic Planning was founded
  • The first Director was Professor Branko Horvat, PhD (on duty until 1973)
  • By Decree of Federal Executive Council Department for Economic Research and Methodology Planning became Yugoslav Institute for Economic Research
  • In 1963-64 the School for Post-graduate studies started, where until 1985-86 143 students got MA degrees. The first Dean of the school was Professor Branislav Ivanović, PhD. The first student who got MA degree was Miroslav Bratina (09.07.1965)
  • Computer Center established
  • The Institute moved to Zmaj Jovina 12 Street, Belgrade. It is still on the same address
  • The institute purchased the computer Elliot 803, which purchase price was 110.000$
  • The international journal Economic Analysis was first published and by 1992 it came out quarterly in Serbian and English
  • The Institute was renamed into the Institute of Economic Sciences
  • Federal Republic of Serbia takes over the rights and obligations as IES founder
  • The World Bank Depository and Regional Library Program - Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the Institute and the World Bank. The IES library became depository library of the World Bank
  • The last student of Postgraduate school Milutin Milošević got his MA degree (09.05.1988)
  • According to the Agreement between the Institute and UN , that is the Dag Hammarskjold Library, the Institute took over the complete UN library collection from the former UN Information Centre, Belgrade and got the status of UN Depository Library
  • At 37 International Book Fair the Institute was proclaimed the most successful publishing house in Yugoslavia
  • The first issue of the bulletin Monthly Analyses and Prognosis – MAP was published and it came out until 2005
  • In cooperation with Atlas bank and insurance company Kopaonik, IES founded the Belgrade Banking Academy (BBA) - the Faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance. After 17 years the educational activities have been initiated
  • 20 years after Postgraduate school of Institute, BBA organized master studies
  • The emblem of IES re-designed
  • After 15 years, the edition Economic Analysis was renewed in electronic form. It is semi-annual publication in English
  • Agreements on scientific cooperation with University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, the Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, the Faculty of Economics of Technical University in Košice and the School of Management (Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale - SAA) University of Turin signed
  • Agreements on cooperation with Faculty of Economics, Rijeka, the Faculty of Economics, Subotica, University in Novi Sad, RS Association of Economists signed
  • The first issue of the Journal of Women's Entrepreneurship and Education - JWEE was published
  • Professional training trip of IES employees to Slovenia, Italy and France
  • The IES is a partner institution on the project: "MASTER D'ÉTUDES EUROPÉENNES À DOUBLE DIPLOMATION EN SERBIE"
  • The Serbian LSE Alumni Association started at IES and BBA
  • The publishing of publication Macroeconomic Analyses and Prognoses - MAP has been renewed. MAP is published twice a year in Serbian language with a summary in English
  • Agreements on cooperation with the International Center for Promotion of Enterprises - ICPE, Serbian Association of Employers, Tanjug, the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo and the Institute of Economics, Sarajevo   signed
  • The international monograph: "Serbia and the European Union: Economic Lessons from the New Member States" was published by the University of Coimbra - Faculty of Economics, Coimbra, Portugal, Institute of Economic Sciences and Belgrade Banking Academy
  • Agreements cooperation with European Integration Office, the University Center for Conflict Management and Organizational Research - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski, the University of Economics in Bratislava, the Institute of Comparative Law, the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, the Institute of Economics, Banja Luka signed
  • Acreditation of IES
  • Professional training trip of IES employess to Portugal
  • Agreements on cooperation with University "Vitez" Travnik and the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of Tirana signed
  • Agreements on cooperation between IES and the European University of Tirana and IECRI from Hungary signed
  • Agreements on cooperation between IES and National Institute for Economic Research, Kišinjev, Moldavija, Moscow Univesity of Finance and Law, Moskva, Moscow University of Public Administration, Moskva, International Center for Promotion of Enterprises-ICPE, Ljubljana, Slovenija, Ekonomski fakultet u Subotici, Naučno društvo ekonomista Srbije, Savez ekonomista Srbije, Beogradska otvorenam škola, Institut za ekonomiku poljoprivrede Beograd, Ekonomski institut, Beograd, Ekonomski fakultet u Nišu, Evropski pokret Srbija signed
  • Agreements on cooperation between IES and Fakultet za poslovne studije i pravo Univerziteta "Union - Nikola Tesla" Beograd, Fakultet za strateški menadžment Univerziteta "Union - Nikola Tesla", Beograd, Gradska uprava grada Beograda - Sekretarijat za zaštitu životne sredine, Beograd, Institut savremenih nauka, Beograd, Institute of World Economics, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Science, Pecs and West University of Timosoara, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, through East European Center for Research in Economics and Business
  • The first volume of the journal Nacionalna mreža srednjih preduzeća u Republici Srbiji was published. The Journal is published once a year in Serbian.




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