The Library of the Institute exists from 1958 since the foundation of the Institute. It maintains a notable collection of domestic and foreign books, pamphlets and periodicals and a number of monographs published by the Institute. Some material are available for consultation in the library.

The Library represents the Institute Library, Depository Library of the International Monetary Fund and the Library of the Belgrade Banking Academy.

The libraries belong to specific scientific libraries, and represent an important source of information for the researchers, students, scientific associates and university professors. The library fund contains the literature in the field of micro and macro economics, and it is one of the most valuable professional libraries in the field of economics and related disciplines. The library develops cooperation with the National Library of Serbia, University Library and others.

By the introduction of electronic data processing, the card catalog is less used, although it remains a primary source of information. The library has two computers that have on-line access through academic network so it is possible to make electronic search of all electronic library holdings available in the country through mutual-bibliographic catalog database. COBIB.SR Also, KOBSON (the Serbian library consortium for coordinated acquisition) grants the access to the electronic editions of foreign magazines and books over a variety of services and databases.

After the renovation of IES premises and the reorganization of the Institute Library and UN Documentation Centre, the Library of the Belgrade Banking Academy with over 2000 publications presents an integral part of IES/BBA libraries.

The Library of the Institute is open, while BBA library can be used only by students of the Academy. Working hours of the library are from 9 a.m to 4 p.m each day.

The policy of the Library is to renew and expand its fund not only by purchases but also by exchange, gift, and by cooperation with other scientific and educational institutions at the regional and international level.

Since 2007 the Library of the Institute of Economic Sciences has started with the implementation of (COBISS - (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System and Services) - Digital library system..

COBISS represents an organizational model of joining libraries into a uniform library information system with shared cataloguing; the COBIB shared bibliographic database, i.e. union catalogue, and local bibliographic databases of participating libraries, the COLIB database on libraries, the CONOR authority database, and with a number of other functions of the so-called virtual library. Functioning of the system is preconditioned by:

  • Standardized and shared processing of library materials and a uniform management of catalogues,
  • Adequately skilled cataloguers,
  • Linking of libraries via computer and communications network.

At the end of 2011, the Institute started the process of creating the e-library which is one of the strategic goals of the Institute. The e-library will contain all publications, journals, MAP bulletins from the foundation of the Institute till present.

Contact person:
Mrs. Jelena Durlević

Tel. +381 11 2629-960
Faks: +381 11 2181-471