Since 1958. book publishing is important part of IEN activities although issuing periodicals, research projects, monographs and studies has been a significant part of the Institute's operations too.

The Institute's regular publication engagement are following:



JWE Journal "JOURNAL OF WOMEN'S ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND EDUCATION - JWEE" is committed to balancing a supportive environment for prospective authors. It emphasizes research that is current and relevant, contributing to the body of legal knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and business through publication of a high quality and professional periodical. JWE contributes to the field through a unique, interdisciplinary approach, applicable to a broad audience. Readership includes policy-makers, researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners in women's entrepreneurship and education. JWE views that small businesses owned by women are the backbone of the economies of many nations worldwide.
Economic Analysis After almost fifteen years, the journal "ECONOMIC ANALYSIS". has been revised. It is published twice a year in English language in electronic form. International board and reviewing board guarantee that revised journal will quickly regain its scientific value. The international cooperation will facilitate our younger associates to publish their work and become cited if they satisfy our high criteria.
nmsp NACIONALNA MREŽA SREDNJIH PREDUZEĆA (NMSP) predstavlja publikaciju koja ima za cilj stvaranje osnove za kontinuirano praćenje i izveštavanje o uspešnosti poslovanja srednjih preduzeća registrovanih na teritoriji RS. Publikacija se od 2016. godine objavljuje jednom godišnje. Pored osnovnih pokazatelja poslovanja publikacija sadrži preporuke namenjene kreatorima makroekonomske politike u Republici Srbiji i menadžmentu srednjih preduzeća.

From 2009 to 2014, The Institute of Economic Sciences and Belgrade Banking Academy - Faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance published the bulletin "Macroeconomic Analyses and Prognoses - MAP" which in the period 1994-2005. was published as "Monthly Analyses and Prognoses - MAP. In the renewed MAP issue, we systematized the research results of associates and professors of IES and BBA in major areas of activities of these two institutions. It presents the most important macroeconomic indicators of economic trends in the country, European integration trends by economic sectors, foreign trade balance, developments in monetary and fiscal sphere, the trends in financial markets, banking and insurance sector, small and medium enterprises' operations and entrepreneurship, employment, human resources development and many other areas.


MAP - MONTHLY ANALYSES AND PROGNOSES (1994-2005) was IES flagship publication giving insight to current economic trends, effects of macroeconomic policy measures including short-term forecasts of the main economic aggregates in the national economy. Each issue highlight "hot" topics under the section titled as "Topic of the Month").

Regular part of the bulletin was the original statistical annex with relevant data regarding macroeconomic trends. Following the established methodologies and models, MAP was focusing on important items of national macroeconomic policies including aggregates and indicators (such as net material product, industrial and agricultural production, service sector, monetary and credit issues as well as banking system, public spending, world economic trends, foreign economic relations, exchange rate, wages, income and prices, investments, grey economy, etc). MAP was printed outcome of the Institute's long-term research project dedicated to tendencies in the national economy. Bulletin is published in Serbian (full text) and English (short version).


IES publishing is carried out mainly in Serbian but also in English (original manuscripts and/or authorized translations).

In 1992, at the 37. International Book Fair in Belgrade, the IES was proclaimed the most successful publishing house in FR Yugoslavia. Well known Institute's book series are editions "Economy of the 90's", "Yugoslavia and the European Perspectives", "Yugoslavia and International Perspectives" as well as "Marketing Plus" and just launched "Agenda 21".

Working/Staff Papers and IEN Flash/Reports are publishing occasionally on topics under umbrella of the IEN general program orientation including hard or electronic edition.



toward green economy15   virtual organisation14   women and entrepreneurship13   european integration process12   managing structural changes   impact og global12
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med fin preko ulaganja16   implementacija naucnih rez16   finansijski rizik neizvesnost kriza16   book of abstracts16   pravci strukturnih promena17   etika menad ljudskih resursa17
Deindustrijalizacija u Srbiji   Problemi deindustrijalizacije u Srbiji   Teorija novca i monetarna politika   Strukturne promene u Srbiji   Predlog mera javnih politika   book of abstracts15
razvoj privatnog sektora14   analiza ocena konkurentnosti privrede srbije13   korporativno restrukturiranje13   economoc Sciemce on crossroad13   55 godina ien   monetary rules their importance13
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