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Mission and vision -

Mission and vision


The Institute of Economic Sciences (IES) aspires to be a leading scientific research institution in the field of economics in the region of Southeast Europe, integrated into the European research area.


IES conducts excellent research and makes an impact in all areas of society, primarily in macroeconomics, business economics, welfare economics, environmental economics, economic history and theory, as well as sectoral economics.

IEN's mission can be viewed in two ways:

Internally - to be an attractive place for scientific research;

Externally - to provide excellent and relevant research to support economic development.

The values that IES strives to include:

  • Respect for the highest scientific standards and ethics in research.
  • Compliance with national priorities in the development of scientific and research work.
  • Establishing a reward system based on work results.
  • Partnership relationship with the parent Ministry and the Science Fund.
  • Respect for all employees.
  • A pleasant working atmosphere that encourages work creativity.
  • Freedom in research and encouragement of creativity and innovation.

The strategic goals of IES, which are established for the period until 2025, are:

  • Advancing excellence
  • Capacity expansion
  • Strengthening influence and improvement of work organization

The specific goals of IES that will be realized in the implementation of strategic goals include:

  • Increasing the number of papers in top journals
  • Improvement of capacity for the implementation of Science Fund projects
  • Raising the competence of researchers
  • Dissemination of the results of scientific research work
  • Increasing citations in key index databases
  • Increasing the scope of international cooperation
  • Strengthening strategic cooperation
  • Improvement of cooperation with the economy
  • Development of IEN digital resources
  • Increasing recognition
  • Establishing a media strategy
  • Improvement of work organization